27 7 / 2014

So! I downloaded the base game and Seasons onto my own Mac rather than always stealing my sisters computer. I redid almost everyone in town and made new families. I originally planned to stay with one family but I couldn’t do it and now I have just been hopping around and taking pics. I hope I can remember everyones’ names!!! But here is some scenery pics to tide you over until I can get my butt into gear and crop some nicer shots :) I finally came to my senses and stopped aging before everyone I wanted to play died, so hopefully soon I can get some content up :) Thank you for sticking around!!

PS I will be playing on my old game soon hopefully!

27 7 / 2014

My guys moved back home into a new house!!!! I have to find a Unicorn for Angel and grow up the three siblings. I think I’m going to stay in the same town…not sure why I wanted to leave. I think it was all the glitches. We’ll see, maybe I’ll leave anyway

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25 7 / 2014

24 7 / 2014

A beautiful end to a long day for this poor fella. Greg helped him build a snowman

A beautiful end to a long day for this poor fella. Greg helped him build a snowman

23 7 / 2014

Denied. Again. After a bit of flirting he got angry hahaha. I was laughing at loud following this fool

22 7 / 2014

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22 7 / 2014

Challenged a girl to a trivia contest..she got angry and nope denied.

21 7 / 2014

You know, just a normal guy in a knitted sweater.

20 7 / 2014

So I was trying to enjoy waiting for my sims to leave class, idly doing nothing, bored out of my mind when I noticed this sim having a rough day. I took pictures for you. Stay tuned;)

19 7 / 2014

Roomies/BFFs Whatever you want to call it…

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16 7 / 2014

Cuteeee. Snow melted randomly and then it was 3am before I knew it.

15 7 / 2014

Midwinter bonfire. I dared G to kiss Asala and it worked! HAH. I am a matchmaker. let me know if you need a match what whattt